Strength of JAMA and JAMA Network reflected in new Journal Impact Factors

June 30, 2023

Chicago, June 30, 2023 – JAMA and the journals in the JAMA Network are among the highest in their respective fields, according to the 2023 update to Clarivate’s annual Journal Citation Reports (JCR).

“The strength of the JAMA Network is clearly reflected in these numbers,” said Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, MD, PhD, MAS, editor in chief of JAMA and the JAMA Network. “The 13 journals of the JAMA Network share one mission: to publish the best research related to health. With an international reach and more than 168 million article views annually, the JAMA Network provides a broad platform for the best research to shape science, medicine, and the health of the public.”

JAMA received a Journal Impact Factor of 120.7, placing it among the top journals in science and medicine. Nine of the 13 journals in the JAMA Network are in the top 3 in their respective fields.

 JAMA: Journal Impact Factor of 120.7, one of the highest in medicine and science

JAMA Cardiology: Journal Impact Factor of 24.0, one of the highest ranking among cardiology journals

JAMA Dermatology: Journal Impact Factor of 10.9, one of the highest ranking among dermatology journals

JAMA Health Forum: Journal Impact Factor of 11.5, one of the highest ranking among health care sciences and services journals

JAMA Internal Medicine: Journal Impact Factor of 39.0, ranking high among internal medicine journals

JAMA Network Open: Journal Impact Factor of 13.8, one of the highest among general medicine open access journals

JAMA Neurology: Journal Impact Factor of 29.0, one of the highest ranking among neurology journals

JAMA Oncology: Journal Impact Factor of 28.4, one of the highest ranking among oncology journals

JAMA Ophthalmology: Journal Impact Factor of 8.1, one of the highest ranking among ophthalmology journals

JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery: Journal Impact Factor of 7.8, the highest-ranking otolaryngology journal in the world

JAMA Pediatrics: Journal Impact Factor of 26.1, one of the highest ranking among pediatrics journals

JAMA Psychiatry: Journal Impact Factor of 25.8, one of the highest ranking among psychiatry journals

JAMA Surgery: Journal Impact Factor of 16.9, the highest-ranking surgery journal in the world

“As a network of journals we seek to have an impact on science, medicine, and public health in the US and globally,” said Dr Bibbins-Domingo. “We accomplish this by being a trusted source of information, by publishing a range of compelling content across a variety of platforms, and by always keeping top of mind our core audience of clinicians, scientists, policy makers, and patients.”

For more information, contact JAMA Network Media Relations at 312-464-JAMA (5252) or email media relations.