What is Long-Term Risk of Appendicitis Reoccurring in Patients Treated With Antibiotics?



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Bottom Line: About 60 percent of patients with uncomplicated acute appendicitis who were initially treated with antibiotics did not undergo appendectomy in five years in a follow-up to a randomized clinical trial. The clinical trial included 273 patients who had an appendectomy and 257 patients initially treated with antibiotics for uncomplicated acute appendicitis. In all, 100 of 257 patients initially treated with antibiotics underwent appendectomy during the five-year course of this study, including 15 patients operated on during the initial hospitalization. The findings suggest antibiotics may be a feasible alternative to surgery for patients with uncomplicated acute appendicitis.

Authors: Paulina Salminen, M.D., Ph.D., Turku University Hospital, Turku, Finland, and coauthors

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