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Iodine Supplementation During Pregnancy and Lactation

Alex Stagnaro-Green, M.D., M.H.P.E., of the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Washington, D.C., and colleagues discuss the possible adverse effects of iodine deficiency and the importance of supplementation during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

“The status quo can be maintained in which iodine supplementation is recommended, but provided in only 50 percent of prenatal vitamins. The alternative is for relevant medical organizations to work collaboratively with pharmaceutical and vitamin manufacturers to ensure that all prenatal multivitamins contain 150 μg of potassium iodine. In the interim, clinicians should recommend only those prenatal vitamins that contain iodine. The path seems clear. It is time for all prenatal vitamins to contain iodine.”

(JAMA. 2012;308[22]:2463-2464. Available pre-embargo to the media at


Making Health Care Reform Work – Where Physician and Employer Interests Converge

Harris Allen, Ph.D., of the Harris Allen Group, Brookline, Mass., and colleagues write that physicians and businesses share a common goal—to advance better health; yet the business community maintains a low profile in health care reform under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In this Viewpoint, the authors examine missed opportunities for strengthening employer linkages with the ACA, and what can be done for improvement.

“Employers need to reprise their role in health care reform efforts in a manner that will help advance their shared goal of better health with physicians. Building on the ACA’s legislative authority, businesses can reach out to their commercial carriers to coordinate, unify, and standardize performance payment metrics and insist that they include not only direct but also indirect health care costs. Extending the process of standardization to both types of measures holds much promise for minimizing reporting complexity and clinical care redundancy in ways that will materially enhance physician capacity to deliver care in the unfolding reform environment.”

(JAMA. 2012;308[22]:2465-2466. Available pre-embargo to the media at

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