JAMA Launches New Website on Genomics and Precision Health

JAMA has launched a website (jamagenetics.com) to highlight a new ongoing series, “JAMA Insights: Genomics and Precision Health,” comprising brief articles intended to explain contemporary clinical genetics and genomic technologies to non-specialists. The website includes a glossary of terms.

The articles, which will be published throughout 2017, will cover a wide range of topics including cutting-edge precision health technologies as well as those that are in common use. Each article will be structured to describe the intended application of the technology, how the technology works, important considerations regarding clinical use, costs, and the current state of evidence supporting use of the technology for the stated application. The articles will be accompanied by online figures, supplemental content and podcasts by the authors.

In the first article, “Finding the Rare Pathogenic Variants in a Human Genome,” the authors address genome sequencing in healthy individuals (“genomic screening”) to guide subsequent care. Genomic screening raises a number of challenging issues including the quality of currently available testing processes, appropriate interpretation of results, how information about the results should be used, and the resulting value of the application vs. other preventive interventions. Despite a lack of clarity surrounding these issues, genomic sequencing is being marketed directly to consumers, and is occurring more appropriately in the context of clinical and research programs.

The series will be coordinated by JAMA Associate Editor W. Gregory Feero, M.D., Ph.D.

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