JAMA Guide to Statistics and Methods

JAMA has a new series of articles, the JAMA Guide to Statistics and Methods. These articles will provide explanations about statistical analytic approaches and methods used in research reported in JAMA articles, to help readers better understand clinical research reports. These explanations will be published concurrently with research articles that use the statistical test or methodological approach, providing an example of the topic being discussed. The articles will examine issues including why a particular test or method was used, its limitations, and the risk of bias.

The articles published in this series include:

Introducing the JAMA Guide to Statistics and Methods (http://bit.ly/Yw4rGk)

The Intention-to-Treat Principle: How to Assess the True Effect of Choosing a Medical Treatment (http://bit.ly/1vediXS)

Sample Size Calculation for a Hypothesis Test (http://bit.ly/1rUqajQ)

Multiple Comparison Procedures (http://bit.ly/1pIM4bk)