Health Care Access and Reproductive Rights



About This Issue: This issue of JAMA includes original research and eight scholarly Viewpoints that provide data and perspective about abortion care and the larger context of evidence-based health care. In addition, there is an editorial, Medical News articles and a Patient Page on medication abortion. Also included in this news release are related articles from the JAMA Network.


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Original Research 

Associations of Unintended Pregnancy With Maternal and Infant Health Outcomes


Adverse Maternal and Delivery Outcomes in Children and Very Young (Age ≤13 Years) US Adolescents Compared With Older Adolescents and Adults


Requests for Self-managed Medication Abortion Provided Using Online Telemedicine in 30 US States Before and After the Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization Decision



Health Care Access and Reproductive Rights



Advancing Birth Equity in a Post-Dobbs US


The Challenge of Emergency Abortion Care Following the Dobbs Ruling


Self-managed Abortion in the US


Legal Risks and Ethical Dilemmas for Clinicians in the Aftermath of Dobbs


Implications of the Dobbs Decision for Medical Education – Inadequate Training and Moral Distress


The Shift From Criminalization to Legalization of Abortion in Argentina


Confronting the Medical Community’s Complicity in Marginalizing Abortion Care


Interoperability in a Post-Roe Era – Sustaining Progress While Protecting Reproductive Health Information


Medical News 

Dobbs Decision Threatens Full Breadth of Ob-Gyn Training


JAMA Network Open 

Original Research  

Changes in the Clinical Workforce Providing Contraception and Abortion Care in the US, 2019-2021 


JAMA Surgery 


The Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization Supreme Court Decision – Concerns, Challenges, and Consequences for Health Care


The A Word – Our Collective Scarlet Letter


Previously Released  

Medical News 

Threats to Evidence-Based Care With Teratogenic Medications in States With Abortion Restrictions 

Treating Cancer in Pregnant Patients After Roe v Wade Overturned 


JAMA Patient Page 

Medication Abortion


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