Archives of Internal Medicine Study Highlights



Archives of Internal Medicine Study Highlights

  • Following BRCA testing, many women who are non-BRCA carriers undergo risk-reducing procedures and additional ovarian cancer screenings, despite limited data to determine the effectiveness of these interventions among the general population (Online First; see news release below).
  • A randomized controlled trial of 904 women found that a web-based educational intervention was no more effective than a print-based one or no educational intervention in increasing rates for colorectal cancer screening in women at average risk of the disease (Online First).
  • A research letter that used a mathematical simulation model to project the cost-effectiveness of routine Pap test screening at different intervals suggests that screening all eligible women every two or three years can result in equal or greater health benefits at a cost savings. Recent consensus guidelines recommend routine cytologic screening no more frequently than every three years (Online First).
  • Health care workers appear to be better than other Americans at maintaining a healthy lifestyle in some areas (such as being more likely to have a personal physician, to have exercised within 30 days and to deny recent or heavy binge drinking), but in other areas they reported performing no better, including female health care workers being less likely to undergo regular mammography screenings than non-health care workers, according to a research letter (Online First).

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